Sales is a mindset

2 limiting beliefs that are costing you (huge) $$$

Mindset is such a powerful thing. Adopt the right one, and it will be your best supporter. Adopt the wrong one and… hello, life of infinite regret.

Successful sales depend 90% on how you think about them. The remaining 10% is your offer. Sure, having a great offer helps, but everyone probably knows someone who has a great offer that just doesn’t sell and a passionate individual with a mediocre offer making $$$.

Just learn sales.

Don’t overthink it.

Just learn it. Adopt the winning mindset.

The right mindset is: "I have an awesome product, and people will be so grateful to buy it from me. Once they try it, they will send me gifts and recommend it to their friends."

The wrong mindset #1 (it’s bad but not the worst; the next one is the real evil): "I don’t like sales. Selling is bad. I hate being sold to. I am a good, honest person. Salespeople are not."

You need to abandon these outdated beliefs taught to you years ago. Do you enjoy discovering good products, deals, and prices? Do you appreciate it when someone shares helpful tips on services that save you money or time? When a friend who owns a bakery suggests buying two croissants for the price of one, is he being dishonest?

I don’t think so, and I don't believe you do either. When you look at sales from this perspective, you realize that mindset #1 is just a collection of old-fashioned ideas which are far from real life situations.

The wrong mindset #2: "I’m still working on my product. I will start selling once it’s perfect. I’m not ready yet."

This one is harder to get rid of because it's based on the idea of only selling something genuinely good to be competitive. The idea is great - you should only sell quality items!

However, what's wrong is delaying sales and launches indefinitely, waiting for "perfection." We will expand on this in future newsletters, but it's important to start with mindsets.

I once had this mindset too. Fast forward 10 years, I noticed I was still getting ready to launch, never actually launching. When I finally did, everything went fine, even great, actually.

Two things that helped me:

  1. Realizing that I was the only one stopping myself and noticing comfortable patterns getting in my way.

  2. Understanding that if you're selling something, it doesn’t have to serve everyone, just those who are a few steps behind you. You know more about your product or service than most people. If you bring me a great offer and explain how it will help me, I will appreciate it – not because it's the best in the world, but because it's good enough for my needs.

By living with these mindsets, you're just avoiding taking responsibility for your actions and results you achieve. At first it might seem more comfortable. But is life of infinite regret and never achieving your goals really more comfortable?

"But you don’t understand… I’m just not good at this. I wasn’t born

like this."

Sure, not everyone needs these skills in life (though they help… A LOT!). But if you need to improve your selling skills, whether it's a direct part of your work or not, accept that the choice is yours. And the choice is between missing out on opportunities that the right sales mindset could bring you, or… shooting for the moon 🚀

Each week, I'll share one actionable tip for you to work on until our next conversation.

Actionable Tip of the Week: Identify one limiting belief you have about sales and challenge it with evidence from your own experiences or successes.

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Adios! Ausra

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