How to Save Hours Every Week with ChatGPT

If you know, you know

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That's what I did, and it could help you too.

Ever since ChatGPT came out, I've been in love with the product. How could you not? However, finding ways to communicate effectively with ChatGPT and achieve quality results took some time. As a writer, I have somewhat of an allergy to generic product descriptions and social media posts. I believe readers are becoming desensitized to such content as well, because it feels repetitive.

Here are strategies that have significantly sped up my workflow and saved me money, as I no longer need to outsource certain aspects of my job. I now rely on ChatGPT practically every hour of my workday. Here are my AI productivity hacks:

  1. Treat ChatGPT as a virtual assistant, joining your team on Day 1. I have master conversations for each project or part of a project I’m working on, allowing my virtual assistant to remember tasks and information.

  2. The paid version is better than the free one due to its extended conversation memory, document and image creation capabilities. I also feel like it’s much smarter.

  3. Task ChatGPT with acting as individuals or educators whose style I admire, incorporating their teachings or writing style into my own work.

  4. For social media content creation, such as reels, try this process for faster production: transcribe a video you enjoyed, ask ChatGPT to analyze the video's structure (hook, story, pain points, selling points), and then use the same structure to create your content.

  5. Rather than browsing Google and going through multiple articles on a topic, I use ChatGPT to learn new things in one place, for example Google Ads. Use with caution, obviously, but it does help save a lot of time.

  6. When I don’t know what to do or feel overwhelmed, I use ChatGPT as a personal coach to guide me through my tasks.

  7. Prompts are crucial and function similarly to a conversation with a consultant - you must know what to ask and how to ask it, in order to get the desired answers. So, I've curated a massive list of over 12,000 ChatGPT prompts tailored specifically to business needs. Whether you're a founder, marketing manager, coach (with numerous specific prompts for various niches), SaaS business owner, or simply seeking ways to optimize your 9-to-5 to dedicate more time to your side hustle, this will help you. Here's a sneak peek at the included categories, but for a full list of all prompts you'll receive, click here: ChatGPT prompts for business & marketing.

Work smart, not hard should be the goal for everyone who want to live life with less stress. This year, I'm prioritizing this approach, and with the amount of tools available, one of my personal goals is to delegate as much as possible to my computer. I'm also currently exploring robotic process automation and will share my discoveries once I'm ready. However, if you have any tips or valuable resources, I'd appreciate it if you could share them. If they benefit everyone, I'll gladly add it to the next email.

Actionable Tip of the Week: Something you need to learn, but don’t know yet, often gets postponed until you have more time. Get my ChatGPT prompts list and study it—identify the prompts that resonate with you and start using them to save time next week. For the price it’s currently at, you will make this money back in what… 5 minutes?